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Gobi™ API

Gobi is a project that develops the hardware module and specialized software for Gobi WWAN embedded modules based on Qualcomm CDMA Technology and UMTS modems.The Gobi team designs Gobi hardware modules that are commercially produced by an outside manufacturing house. Successive generations of Gobi are on a 1 year cadence timed to meet the notebook PC market, with each model planned for lower cost and new features. Device vendors also design and manufacture WWAN modules intended for Gobi-compliance. Since Gobi3000, the Gobi project releases Linux open source Modem, GPS, and Network drivers, and the Gobi connection management API to meet the growing demand for Linux-capable Gobi-compliant platforms. The drivers and API are provided for use as a reference design to Gobi device vendors and applications developers. The open source software for Gobi3000 has been validated using Ubuntu 9.10 running on kernel 2.6.31-14-generic. Follow the PATCHES link for the most recent update. Applications developers interested in providing Gobi solutions should obtain commercial Gobi hardware and firmware from Gobi OEMs. Since the commercial Gobi devices are developed and maintained at the platform level by the device vendor, applications developers should contact the vendor of the Gobi-compliant device for support questions. Support by Qualcomm is limited to the test platform on which the reference design is provided. Note that the reference design provided by Qualcomm will require some or all of the following modifications in order to support any commercial solution: 1. Place firmware acquired from the device vendor specific to your device in a unique location (if required). The following path is suggested: /opt/Qualcomm/Gobi/Images/3000/// 2. Modify the hard-coded Qualcomm generic VID/PID to match your device (in the drivers and API) 3. Modify the USB drivers to comply with the FCC 2-way BIOS lock requirement for WWAN devices (if required). Qualcomm no longer provides support for Gobi 1000 and Gobi 2000 products. For other embedded modules sold or marketed as Gobi modules, please contact the module original equipment manufacturer for support.

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