Snapdragon Developer Platform

OSS support for the Qualcomm Development Platforms (MDP) and DragonBoard devices

This project will streamline the work flow so the community will always have access to the supported open source software code for various development platforms featuring the SnapdragonTM processor by Qualcomm. SnapdragonTM Development platforms include a range of products in different form factors. One device is called an Mobile Development Platform (MDP) and includes either a SnapdragonTM S3 or S4 processor by Qualcomm. These platforms are perfect for Application developers due to the form factor and ability for early access to the latest SnapdragonTM processor by Qualcomm. They include many sensors and high end components. DragonBoard is another developer devices that includes an applications processor (APQ8060 for example), a sensor daughter card and RF (WiFi and Bluetooth) daughter card – all of which will be available on the board. The board layout has a large number of test points and connectors like JTAG, ethernet, and miniUSB that enables a deep level of development, testing and expansion. For an additional cost, a peripheral kit is available which includes a battery, earphone, 1MP/5MP camera and a 480×800 display/touchscreen. An inexpensive yet powerful and feature-rich development board based on Qualcomm’s SnapdragonTM APQ8060 processor. The board is available from third party suppliers and features exposed connectors, adapters and expansion headers that allow 3rd party software developers, application developers and components suppliers to innovate within the growing open source development community. DragonBoard support is now available through forums on Forums are accessible to registered members only. An invitation code to register on the web site was sent via email to DragonBoard customers. DragonBoard serial number is also required for registration. Please register and get your questions answered from DragonBoard experts.

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