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Android enhancements for Qualcomm MSMs 7225, 7227, 7627a, and 8×25 QRD platforms

Enhancements to Android and HW support for sensors, LCD panels, etc, for Qualcomm MSM 7225, 7227, 7627a, and 8×25 based QRD platforms.

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Ubicom and Ubi32 Processors

Tool chain for the Ubicom and Ubi32 processor family

Ubicom was a fabless semiconductor which developed network and media processors, such
as the IP8000 (IP8K). See [Wikipedia article about Ubicom](
Ubicom was awquired by Qualcomm in 2012 and development on the architecture has
continued under the Ubi32 name.

This project host the tool chains for the older Ubicom processors and the newer Ubi32 processors.

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Upstream Patches For Machine Learning and Mathematics Frameworks

Patches that have been upstreamed to opensource projects.

Long Description: All of the patches contained in this project have either been upstreamed or are in the process of being upstreamed to Machine Learning and Mathematics Frameworks.

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Vellamo Open

Vellamo is an accurate, easy-to-use suite of system-level benchmarks.

Vellamo Open shares the heart of Vellamo with the open source community. Our benchmarks quickly became widely accepted by the industry and they sometimes use clever techniques to get reliable measurements out of a very different range of devices. You are encouraged to look at the code, learn from it, build it and try it yourself.

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Weave is a communications platform for IoT devices.
Weave is a communications platform for IoT devices that enables device setup, phone-to-device-to-cloud communication, and user interaction from mobile devices and the web. Weave protocol will be used by Brillo devices to communicate with other devices.
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Web Technology Enhancements Project

Web Technologies open source projects are related primarily to WebKit based browsers and JavaScript frameworks. Related open source technologies include Google’s V8 Javascript JIT, Tamarin, LibJPEG and LibPNG. This project is a collection of patches to the related upstream projects.

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The WiFiRouters project provides a list of opensource packages to enable building for QCA9XXX chipsets.

Wi-FiRouters based on Linux running on QCA9XXX use following opensource components derived as patches from respective sites - These include following Complete 2.6.31 kernel sources, Compression framework to support multiple compression/decompression formats, Various compression formats for different filesystems and at various phases - LZMA for JFFS2, zlib in squashfs, Option to enable individual subsystems to enable unlzma, Lzma decompression support for u-boot. It also adds brctl commands support to the busybox toolchain and intermediate queuing device(IMQ) in the kernel.

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Wireshark logs dissector

Wireshark plugin are requires to decode the lThanksogs in human readable format. The Bluetooth Protocol Stack (Synergy) dumps all the log in a file in binary format. This project would contain the decoders to convert the binary message to appropriate string that is in human ridable format. 

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  • Himanshu Rawat | hrawat AT codeaurora DOT org
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X Window System Graphics for MSM

Qualcomm MSM X Window Enablement Project
Qualcomm MSM X Window Enablement Project provides a repository for contributing and developing open source components to enable and optimize X Window System on MSM chipsets. Of particular importance to the project is the hardware based acceleration of graphics, video and other multi-media technologies in the X Window Environment.
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Xen Hypervisor

Xen Hypervisor is an Open Source hypervisor that runs directly on the hardware and provides virtualization capabilities for servers as well as embedded devices.
Xen Hypervisor provides interfaces for creating Virtual Machines (guest OSs), isolating them, providing paravirtual block, net, console etc devices, IOMMU, device passthrough etc
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