FreeRTOS for Quartz and QuRT for FreeRTOS on Quartz

FreeRTOS-for-Quartz contains some modifications from the original FreeRTOS source code and additional “BSP” files that implement to invoke the FreeRTOS API to create a FreeRTOS task. OEMs that wish to use FreeRTOS on Quartz platform should download this package, build it into object files and incorporate it into their Quartz-based products.

FreeRTOS is licensed for use under the FreeRTOS License which is a variant of GPL that includes a few exceptions.

FreeRTOS-for-Quartz is a slightly modified version of the FreeRTOS v8.2.1 real-time operating system, supporting Qualcomm Inc.’s “Quartz-based” systems.

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