Open Mobile API for Snapdragon

An implementation of the GlobalPlatform Open Mobile API and Secure Element Access Control standards for Snapdragon devices running Android O or later.

The Open Mobile API provides interfaces to enable applications to
access services that reside on Secure Elements such as SIM Card or embedded Secure
Element. It is widely used by “wallet” applications for payment and public transport,
and is a core part of the GSMA requirements to support SIM-based NFC Services
defined in TS.26.

The implementation was forked some time ago from the SEEK for Android
project, and has been separately developed over time in line with changes to the
Open Mobile API standard.

This codebase is commercially proven in many markets Worldwide, and has been adapted to meet the “Treble” requirements introduced in Android O.

The Open Mobile API and Secure Element Access Control are standards
maintained by GlobalPlatform, available at

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